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ATS Quality Manager

Control scanning post processing with ATS Quality Manager.
ATS Quality Manager is a tool for checking the quality when matching together several FARO scans in a workspace. The program is used both to control the match quality during the process and to report the final result to a customer.

The program exists in two versions:
  • Standalone
  • Plug-in to FARO SCENE software
The standalone version opens FARO fws files which are the workspaces used by SCENE 4.8 and earlier.

If SCENE 5.0 or later is used it is advised to use the SCENE Plug-in version instead. The plug-in version is integrated in SCENE and will evaluate any workspace opened by SCENE. Just click the toolbar icon to show the report.
Other than this, the user interface is the same in both versions.

Key Features:
  • Real time feedback on matching quality in a FARO workspace
  • Easy to use visual interface
  • Customizable quality value thresholds
  • Easy to spot duplicated references, bad fittings, bad distributions and other errors
  • 3D view of scan fittings
  • Easy and customizable report generation in PDF format
Easy to use visual interface
Customizable thresholds
3D view of scan fittings
Report generation in PDF format

ATS Quality Manager 2.1
The new ATS QM is an improvement over ATS Quality Manager 1.0 in almost every way. Apart from containing all functionality of the old version it improves on almost every area.

New features:
  • Support for SCENE 5.3
  • Improved loading (better synchronization between ATS QM and SCENE)
  • Improved reference recognition and handling of complex reference relationships
  • It is now possible to right click scans in ATS QM and open them in SCENE
  • ScanManagers and ScanFits can be updated via ATS QM
  • References can be located in SCENE from ATS QM
  • References and the inclinometer can be disabled and enabled directly from ATS QM
  • Can show scan in ATS QM via scan right click menu in SCENE
  • Quality indicators for references
  • A new warnings & fixes tab which lists potential problems with the project
  • More information on the summary page including new point distance distribution chart and project warnings summary
  • Most graphics are improved to use anti-aliasing
  • Reference angle distribution window in Scan Info tab improved
  • All lists can be sorted by each of their columns
  • New Mismatch Fields feature added to 3D View
  • PDF reports can now use JPEG images and by default use the project picture if it exists

ATS Quality Manager now has a demo mode.
Download the demo here: QualityManager2.1.1

The demo has all the functionality of the full version program, but with certain limitations:

  • Only 5 scans will be loaded, even if the project contains more
  • PDF reports can not be created

The demo can then be upgraded to full version by purchasing the full software via FARO 3D App Center.
To upgrade simply take the code received when buying the full version, open the License Manager for ATS QM and request a new license using that code.


Better connectivity between SCENE and ATS Quality Manager Enable/disable inclinometer and references directly from ATS Quality Manager
New Warnings & Fixes tab Save PDF reports using the project picture

Use Mismatch Fields to find tensions in a fitting

  1. Do the field scanning as normal.
  2. Create the project workspace in Scene as normal.
  3. a.(Standalone) Open the workspace in ATS Quality Manager.
    b.(Plug-in) Click the ATS Quality Manager toolbar icon in SCENE.
  4. Now one can easily work with Scene and ATS Quality Manager side by side. Whenever a change is made in SCENE the quality will automatically be re-evaluated by ATS Quality Manager.
  5. Once the scans are matched with good enough quality a final PDF-report can be produced with ATS Quality Manager.

ATS Quality Report
Field scanning with ATS SRS
ATS Quality Report
Scene and ATS Quality Report

ATS Product Family:
ATS Quality Manager also works good together with other ATS products such as the ATS Scan Reference System (SRS). A project scanned using this system typically gets higher match quality across the board compared to using a competing system.

User Cases:
To help getting started, we have created some user cases where the registration quality is Bad, Medium and Good. See links on the left.

ATS Quality Report
    Final report with top quality

Get the software:

Welcome to contact us at ATS for information, sales and support.

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