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ATS Quality Manager - Good Case

Walkthrough in ATS Quality Manager
Feel free to download workspace file at the bottom and open in FARO Scene.
Click on images to magnify/enlarge.

1. Overview
We have almost only green scans on the overview image (A) and an average distance error of just 1.5 mm. Only the last group (Scans3) contains any yellow references, and even there it's only 4 scans (as can be seen in the pie chart). The primary reason for the yellow scans is reference distribution which unfortunately we can't do much about. We can check how severe it is though.

(A) Summary

2. Scans
Looking at scan 059 and 060 in picture B we see that they both are at the end of the tunnel. This likely means that they are not as important as other scans deeper inside the tunnel and we can accept the yellow quality.

Looking instead at scan 065 and 067 we see that they are inside a recess off the main tunnel. This is potentially more interesting and hence the yellow quality is most unfortunate. There is however a reference available to the far right in the image which would be perfect to use to improve the reference distribution. The question is why it isn't included. It might be hidden from view, but we can only speculate without the scan data that goes with the workspace. If it was visible though it would be highly beneficial to use it when placing the scans.

Scan Info
(B) Scan Info
Scan Info
(C) Scan Info

3. References
By looking at the summary tab again (picture A), we can see that the references are in very good condition. Only 5 of 69 are derived and there are no references with multiple names or conflicting sizes.

4. PDF Reports
Nothing special shows up in the pdf reports, we see the good quality we already know from the program.

PDF: Compact Report
PDF: Full Report
Demo File: FARO Scene Workspace

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