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Scan Reference System

Reduces scanning time and increases the scanning accuracy.
This system enables high precision and fast handling in field environments.

Key Features:
  • Fast and easy to connect references
  • Connects to precision washer by magnetism
  • Two different sphere sizes (medium and large)
  • Standard signal height for all targets
  • Rugged and lightweight case
  1. Mount washers on walls, ceilings, etc
  2. Connect references to the washers, scan and remove references
  3. Connect prisms, survey and remove prisms
  4. Protect precision washers for further use
The system is available in three different packages: SRS medium, SRS large and the RRT system. All packages includes 1x lightweight case.
We are currently expanding the product line, please stay in touch!

SRS Medium (Starter Kit#3) (replaces old version of SRS M):
5x medium sized reference
10x precision washer
5x magnet extender
12x flat target
5x mini tripod

SRS Large:
3x large sized reference

RRT System:
2x large sized reference for long distances
1x prism module (optional)
3x adapter for tribrach mount (or 2x depending of version)

For more info about hardware and data sheets:


ATS RRT system
                             RRT system

ATS scan reference system
Components of SRS system (More details in "Technical Overview")

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