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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does ATS do?
    • See "About ATS" for more info.
    • ATS is marketing laser based 1D-2D-3D distance measurement instruments and systems for industrial applications.
    • ATS provide high-accuracy scanning solutions for tunneling/mining, industry environment and other constructions and buildings. ATS also offers solutions for small and large objects for both reverse engineering and analysis purpose.
    • ATS produce different products and systems based on laser instruments.
  • Who are our typical customers?
    • All that have a need for accurate geometrical measurements as in:
      • Automotive
      • Mining
      • Industrial
      • Building industry
  • What is ATS primary goal?
    • Provide world leading quality, efficiency and accuracy of laser based products, systems and solutions.
  • What are the benefits of using ATS products, systems and solutions?
    • ATS use unique work methodology built from field experience and advanced technical backgrounds, which give competitive solutions on the market. ATS uses the latest laser technology available.
  • How can i contact ATS?
    • By e-mail, phone, fax or the contact form found at the bottom.
  • How can I find and visit ATS?
    • Go to "About ATS" to show a map of where we are.
  • Can I show this site in different languages?
    • Main language is English but other languages can be translated using this link: Google Translate ATS

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