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ATS Quality Manager - Bad Case

Walkthrough in ATS Quality Manager
Feel free to download workspace file at the bottom and open in FARO Scene.
Click on images to magnify/enlarge.

1. Overview
Looking at picture A there is a lot of red in this match, not a good start. Three of four branches in the scan tree has red quality and the pie chart shows almost only red and yellow.

Hovering over the pie chart indicates Point drift being the biggest problem. Also a bad distribution of references seems to be a problem.
We can also look at the bottom right corner where we see that 5 references has conflicting sizes and 9 has more than one name. All indications of a bad match.
(A) Summary

2. Scans
Looking through the scans we find that many of them get their red value due to too high point drift (as expected from the summary tab). This can probably be fixed by being a bit more selective with which references to use in the match.

ATS Quality Manager also happens to be an excellent tool when it comes to finding bad references that could be removed. In picture B for example we see that removing Osth046 would probably improve the overall quality of the scan fit.

Other scans require more work or might even be beyond saving. Osth021 (picture C) for example consists of all broken references and on top of that is manually placed (see the red marker next to the position value). This scan must be changed to automatic positioning or ATS Quality Report will never give it a better score.

Finally the scans with bad reference distribution simply has too few references and it would not help much redoing them.

Scan Info
(B) Scan Info
Scan Info
(C) Scan Info

3. References
There are a number of problems here;
Some references has more than one name, such as 09 shown in picture D. 09 also seems to be a quite bad reference given the low score it has from all scans using it.

Some references has size conflicts, such as Osth003 (also visible in picture D).
And finally there are references with the same name but at different locations (shown in picture E), such as Sphere21@Osth026 which has the same name as Sphere21 but another position. This is almost always an indication that something is seriously wrong.
Reference Info
(D) Reference Info
Reference Info
(E) Reference Info

4. PDF Reports
The reports mirror what we see in the program; that the workspace has a very bad match. This is especially noticeable for some references where the dX, dY, dZ values are extremely high. It is of course due to the incorrect matchings and in many cases manual placement of scans.

PDF: Compact Report
PDF: Full Report
Demo File: FARO Scene Workspace

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