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ATS Sphere Remover

Remove ATS SRS Spheres from your delivery scan data using our free of charge ATS Sphere Remover App for FARO SCENE.

ATS Sphere Remover deletes data points that lies on the spheres used to register the scan positions. As these spheres are artificial objects that are added to the scene only for positioning purposes they should ideally be removed from the final data.

Spheres left in the scan data might later become a problem if the data for example is used to check for clearance for robots, pipes or similar.

ATS Sphere Remover is specifically built to work with the ATS SRS System. Using it with other spheres might give less than optimal results and is not supported.

Key Features:
  • Removes all spheres that have been identified by Scene.
  • Even removes spheres that haven't been identified in a scan (partially obstructed) as long as they have been seen in another scan.
  • Removes stray points around spheres
  • Also removes the sphere foot in the ATS SRS System.
  • Fully automatic batch processing; all scans are handled at once.
ATS Quality Report
Settings dialog
ATS Quality Report
Removed sphere in 3D view
ATS Quality Report
Removed sphere in planar view

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