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Points to CAD for Small Objects

We offer the solution to scan small objects using a high precision measurement arm and transform them into accurate CAD models. 

Key Features:
  • Objects from 10 to 2000mm
  • Collect scan point with down to 0.05mm accuracy
  • Advanced high precision laser instrument
  • Dedicated measurement lab
Technical data:
  • File support for polygons: 3DS, DXF, IGS, OBJ, PLY, STL, WRML, WRP
  • File support for CAD: IGES, STEP, Neutral, VDA, SAT
  • FARO platinum measurement arm with a laser line probe
  • Geomagic Studio for all processing and CAD generation

Reverse engineering, points to cad. Geomagic.
From scan points to CAD

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