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Guiding System

Control your vehicles driving path with a guiding system.
This system saves time when guiding loading and unloading vehicles to correct positions in the most effective way.

Key Features:
  • Guides the driver to the correct location to save time
  • Short training period for new drivers
  • Uses low-cost passive reflectors on the vehicles
  • Robust system
  • Statistic possibilities for the process
Example of Applications:
  • Straddle carriers dropping of containers at a crane
  • Cargo ships passing through a lock
  • Garbage trucks picking up garbage canisters
System Description:
  1. The system detects the controlled object in the working area up to 50m
  2. It matches the object against predefined profiles in the program
  3. It guides the object to a specific stop line defined in the software
  4. Is communicate with the driver via a light signal
System Options:
  • Multiple stop lines
  • Different types of detection areas
  • Two different light signals
  • Three different guiding options
  • Two different 2D laser scanners
  • Remote control
  • Statistical data
  • Control box for easy adjustment
  • Distributed I/O for long distances
  • Supervision software
  • Local control in vehicle

See the full data sheet for more details and technical data:
Guiding System

ATS Guiding system
A straddle carrier behind the large crane is guided by the system
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