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NCTech iStar Fusion - Panoramic Camera
Designed for rapid, high precision 360º imaging, iSTAR is a panoramic camera that captures full HDR spherical immersive images for efficient visual documentation of an environment and use in other high precision applications such as laser scanning and photogrammetry.

Key Features:
  • High res 50 megapixel panoramic image
  • Rapid automatic HDR with an EV range of 27 f-stops
  • Low light capture
  • Rugged: IP 64 rated
  • Rechargeable removable battery
  • Small and compact (104x104x110mm)
  • Low weight: 1.4kg
  • 3/8" tripod thread
  • Integrated compass and tilt sensors
  • Compatible with GPS receivers for positioning
  • WiFi remote capturing
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Storage on SD-card or USB memory stick
  • Still image, time-lapse, live view


  • RGB point cloud colorization
  • Mobile mapping
  • "Street view" type imaging
  • Destination marketing
  • 360° monitoring and surveillance
  • Photogrammetric measurement
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Asset management and visual documentation

Compatibility with Laser Scanners:

The iStar camera can be used with all scanners that support E57 and LAS, for example FARO Focus 3D, to enhance the visual quality of a point cloud. ATS adapter with quick release allows you to easily switch between scanner and camera using the same tripod and height offset. Using iStar will greatly improve the scanning time compared to built in scanner camera. With a plugin in FARO Scene you can automatically colorize your scans during the post process.

More info: NCTech ColourCloud

See links for more details and information:

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Demo Video: How to use iStar
Samples Gallery (Works with Internet Explorer)
Case Study: Low light test with FARO Focus 3D
Product Page

NCTech iStar Fusion (Click image to enlarge)

FARO Focus 3D and iStar working together (Click image to enlarge)

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