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LFM Suite:
The LFM suite of products provides scalable and flexible solutions for the entire lifecycle of your laser scan data and asset. From initial data capture through registration, validation, engineering, designing, CAD-links, project execution and asset management.



Key Features
  • The BubbleView™ provides a 360° high-resolution 3D image. It is so powerful that the user has the impression of being on site.
  • Using LFM’s InfiniteCore™ technology, an unlimited number of registered scans can be stored in a single dataset, without compromise. Access speed and quality of laser scan data are unaffected.
  • LFM is hardware neutral. This has cost-saving implications for LFM customers since only one software solution is required, even when using multiple hardware systems.
  • LFM is CAD neutral. Users can interface seamlessly with their preferred CAD package and ‘clash check’ a proposed design against an existing installation.

Business Benefits
Open System Without Compatibility Restrictions
LFM aims to be neutral at both ends: neutral with respect to capture devices, and neutral with respect to CAD and modelling technologies.

Minimised Project Risks and Costs
3D laser scanning mitigates project risks and reduces design rework through detailed knowledge of the as-built plant, thereby also reducing costs.

Support for the Entire Plant Lifecycle
LFM Software provides a complete solution from registration of laser scan data to as-built modelling; it is considered by many to be a turnkey solution.

Reduced Time Spent on Site
The speed of capturing as-built information dramatically reduces time spent on site; once captured by 3D laser scanning, users can review the as-built installation at any time, in detail, from their desktop.

Project Collaboration
Comprehensive and easy-to-use tools help project collaboration, even when multiple users are in different parts of the world

Video: Laser Scanning by Aveva & LFM

Intergraph Smart 3D Videos:

LFM Server - Processing of scans

LFM Server - Registration of scans

LFM Server - CAD Link
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