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IPS, developed by the Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre for Industrial Mathematics (FCC), is a math based tool for motion/path planning, optimization and analysis. IPS successfully implements the potential of the virtual world for your industrial needs.

By utilizing point clouds you can plan against the reality directly, instead of using CAD geometries, which are never perfect. That means both high level of detail and high accuracy. That also saves time because you don't need to first build a model of a complicated environment.
3D Path Planner
The IPS path planner automatically finds and simulates an efficient and collision free path for an object. It calculates it in three dimensions between start and end locations. You can create a scene with CAD geometries, which can be set as planning object, and a point cloud as colliding environment, or vice versa. It is possible to work CAD, point clouds or both.

Collision Handling with Distance Analysis
The collision handling technology pushes the limits of what was thought to be possible in industrial settings. It can compute 3D distances in real time in point clouds with tens of millions of points or triangle meshes with millions of triangles.

IPS automatically calculates the distance between an object and surrounding environment. Either simulate an object along a path, or move it manually with shortest distance (collision) feedback in real-time. You can also analyze the simulation with distances using an interactive graph or use a collision detection tool between CAD geometries. A path can be calculated automatically or imported from a file if it was constructed in another software.

Another powerful analysis tool is the "body window" feature that automatically calculates and constructs the largest feasible object that can be simulated along a path with no collisions. That object can be exported as a VRML geometry for further work in other software.

IPS also has a built in LUA script compiler which helps you create xml motion paths, kinematics or other scripted functionality. That can be used for advanced simulations or calculations to fulfill your needs.
Key Features

  • 3D path planning (CAD object/point cloud)
  • Collision detection (CAD objects)
  • Shortest distance analysis (CAD object/point cloud)
  • Path simulations
  • Body window (largest feasible geometry)
  • Script Engine

Video: IPS Path Planning

Video: IPS Path Planning (With Constraints)

Distance analysis between CAD and Point cloud

Highlighted point cloud from "body window" analysis

Automatic Path Planner in a point cloud

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