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ATS Uniform Filter

Export filtered scan data with ATS Uniform Filter.
ATS Uniform Filter is used to export uniformly filtered scan data in xyz and E57 format from FARO Scene. This is useful for many reasons:
  • The exported files become much smaller.
  • Third party programs that can't handle large amounts of scan points have an easier time working with the heavily reduced amount of points.
  • Perfect structure for meshing/triangulating software. Examples are volume calculations, 3D printing, ground models, etc.
  • Saves time during file conversions.
  • E57 and xyz is supported by many third party programs.
ATS Uniform Filter can return data in xyz format (human readable ASCII: x, y, z, red, green, blue) and E57 format. An xyz file exported via ATS Uniform Filter can be ten or even hundred times smaller than the same file exported by SCENE in xyz format, depending on settings.

ATS Uniform Filter is easy to use as it simply adds a filter option to the right click meny of scans or clipping box. The user then selects how far the cutoff point for data should be and the minimum amount of space between points. Finally an output path is selected and the filtering can begin.

Notice: Due to problems in SCENE 5.1 the data exported by the filter will be incorrect if coordinates are very large (such as for GPS-located data). This has been fixed in SCENE 5.2.

Key Features:
  • Minimizes file size during export
  • Creates true uniform data (better than many alternative software)
  • Fast and precise algorithm
  • Easier to import and work with in third party applications
  • User defined distance limit (points far away from scanner not included)
  • Export from scan folders, individual scans or a 3D clipping box

Example files download (E57):

ATS Uniform Filter
Menu entry to use Uniform Filter
ATS Uniform Filter
Easy to use settings dialog
ATS Uniform Filter
Filtered data comparison
ATS Uniform Filter
Illustration; Outdoors
ATS Uniform Filter
Illustration; Tunnel
ATS Uniform Filter
Illustration; Inside tunnel

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